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Hours of Operation: 8am - 7pm Daily

Whether you’re visiting from afar or biking up the road, stop in for food, fun, local wine and a tastier way of life.

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  • The Loft

    Our restaurant is currently under construction and will be opening soon!

    Our lofty restaurant offers California cuisine and world-inspired fare in a modern atmosphere. Feel free to bring lunch up from the deli for a casual afternoon, or join us for dinner while the sun sets over the breathtaking Pacific Ocean.

    Taste local.

    Our menu features redefined classics with a California flare including the freshest fish, locally-raised beef and even a sushi selection, all made with the highest quality ingredients from trusted, organic sources.

    Meet our chef.

    Our Executive Chef is a 20-year veteran of several five-star restaurants and resorts. He brings extensive knowledge of world cuisine to Centrally Grown, having trained at the top cooking schools around the globe. Inspired by the seasons, our Chef creates dishes that reflect the current, delicious harvest.

    Reclaim style.

    From reclaimed barn siding to a living wall of plants, our commitment to natural resources is built into every nook and cranny. Think of it as planet-friendly chic as you sip wine at our avocado-shaped bar.

    The Loft
  • The Market


    The Market is designed to celebrate a new era of back-to-basics clean food and sustainable items. No preservatives, pesticides or unpronounceable ingredients allowed. In fact, all of our products, from jars of jam to household goods, are carefully selected to be sustainable, responsible, and of the most delicious quality.

    Our oranges never rack up frequent flyer miles.

    Did you know your food travels an average of 1,500 miles to reach your plate? In contrast, our produce travels from the farm down the road.

    Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find in our aisles:
    • Locally-made pesto, pickled vegetables, jams, honey, teas and herbs.
    • Gourmet deli case with prepared foods from local ingredients.
    • Fresh fruit juice bar for a smoothie with a wheat grass boost.
    • Camper’s Corner for a grab-and-go healthy dinner around the campfire.
    The Shoppe
    Bulk food without the bulk packaging.

    Bring in your own containers and we’ll fill them up with any number of tasty items from our bulk dispensers. It cuts down on wasteful packaging and treats you to an automatic discount.

  • The Gardens


    Covering the center of our property in lush green, the Gardens at Centrally Grown are as eclectic as they are beautiful. Discover indigenous plants and water-wise succulents. Exotic varietals, part of the original gardens planted in 1961, have been brought back to health and now thrive alongside sculptures from local artists.

    Take your event outside.

    Looking for a fresh, organic menu in a unique location for your next event? Centrally Grown is happy to cater to your guests in our landscaped oasis. With seasonal menus created by our executive chef, your event will be a locally-grown success. Contact us for more information.

    We hire ladybugs.

    Respect for the earth is at the heart of everything we do, and nowhere is it more evident than in our Gardens. We use only organic materials and natural methods to keep our plants healthy. After all, why use a chemical when a ladybug can do the job?

Shop Online

Our online store gives you a taste of Centrally Grown without the high emission road trips. Every item is carefully selected to reflect our values of responsibility, fair trade, and sustainability.

Coming Soon

About Us

The simple life sustained.

Centrally Grown is a neighborhood of sustainably-conscious spaces built on the philosophy that healthy people build healthy communities. It is this simple but profound belief that reconnects the values of the past with the lifestyles of the present.

Throughout the Centrally Grown experience, we invite our neighbors to learn alongside us as we continually explore global resources, the environment, the food system, and our daily practices. Together, we will savor meals and beverages prepared from locally grown harvests. We will protect and enjoy our natural surroundings. We will discover how personal choices can create lasting change, one community at a time.

Core Values

Our core values can be summed up in three words: Less is More. In everything we grow and harvest, in everything we package (or unpackage), in everything we source and build, we strive to do more good through less harm to our food, bodies and land.

  • In food, we support local farmers and the community which means less trucks on the road, and more fresh produce for more nutrients and healthier people.
  • In packaging, we support and reward bulk item, for less waste and chemicals that clog up our landfills and harm our oceans.
  • In building, we work with nature for more efficient solutions like passive heating and cooling, rainwater collection and natural lighting.
  • In education, we create guidelines to educate consumers on how to read food nutrition and ingredient labels for more healthy decisions.

Less is More

We're for Less is More.
  • We’re for more organics for more people.
  • We’re less waste in growing, processing, packaging and consumption
  • We’re for more tomatoes with taste and fruit full of juice. That means less miles between the farm and your fork. (Like 15,000 less miles)
  • We’re for more bike baskets full of produce. And a lot less packaging to throw away
  • We’re for more slow-cooked family feasts. And biking in between. Fast food?
  • We’re for less.
  • We’re for more compassion for our employees, customers and community.
  • We’re for more understanding of where your food is grown. And more greeting the guy who grows it.
  • We’re certainly for less impact for a smaller footprint and a cleaner earth.
  • We’re for more kidlike curiosity. And getting our hands in the dirt.
  • We’re for less accepting and more challenging.
  • We’re for more balance between work and play, individual and environment.
  • We’re for more growing closer to home.
  • That’s Centrally Grown.

Mission Statement

To create transformative experiences for individuals and communities, inspired by nature, rooted in history, cultivated by curiosity and advanced by simplicity.

Difference from the ground up.

  • We produce goods with natural processes and creating minimal impact to air quality and noise pollution.
  • We work with nature and use natural predators to protect our crops.
  • We use recyclable crates to send our food and encourage returns through discounts.
  • We relentlessly question the status quo to innovate better solutions.
  • We cultivate lessons learned over the years from the land, mind, and body.

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Centrally Grown
7432 Exotic Garden Drive
Cambria, CA 93428

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8:00 am – 7:00 pm
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